Thursday, June 06, 2013

West Coast Geeks vs Nerds!

You guys, something awesome has been happening for the past nine(ish) months in Vancouver, especially if you've ever been embroiled in one of those age old debates; Buffy vs Blade: Who's the better vampire slayer? or Samus Aran vs Ellen Ripley: Who's the ultimate alien exterminator? Well, at West Coast Geeks versus Nerds you get to watch two teams of debaters go head to head for supremacy and ultimate bragging rights on one of these very important questions.
The crowd getting warmed up pre-debate.

West Coast Geeks versus Nerds is the West Coast transplant (WHAT?! West Coast GvN is on the West coast? Shut up and let me finish!) of Geeks versus Nerds that originated in Halifax in 2010. Co-producers Chris Nyarady (aka MooMan) and Keegan Flick-Parker (aka Number7) thought it was high-time that the rather enthusiastic nerds here in VanCity had an oppourtunity to get out of our hidey holes and act like fools in a public forum (since that really is one of our strongest traits, acting the fool).

The first season of debates occurred monthly from September through May and each night of hilarity featured two debates; an opener and a headliner. There was most certainly a wide range of topics, from Episode One's who's biggest badass, Boba Fett or Batman? (Batman was the winner here) all the way to Episode Nine's which is more likely to exist, Zombies or Unicorns? (as a proud member of team Zombie, I can cry victory on that one). Debates are all structured the same, with teams defending and attacking the opposing team with wit, facts, and the occasional outright fabrication, all in an effort to win over the unruly crowd of nerds that, in the end, determine the winner of the debate.

When West Coast GvN first started in September there was a fairly decent crowd of 57 and by the end of the year, through word of mouth and sheer awesomeness they managed to sell out the finale, almost doubling their numbers, with 107 nerds in attendance! And let me tell you, 107 cheering geeks and nerds is a sight (and sound) to behold. No one is passionate about things the way nerds are, it's kinda our thang, being obsessively passionate about our little subsections of the general geekery.

I was privileged enough to be part of three debates this year; Team Samus in Who's the Better Alien Exterminator? Samus Aran or Ripley (Samus wins this one hands down, her head count is WAY higher), Team Finn in Who's the Greatest Adventurer in a Whacked Out Land? Finn the Human or Mario (sadly Finn didn't prevail in this adventure), and last but not least Team Zombie in the finale of Which is More Likely to Exist? Zombies or Unicorns (as previously mentioned the undead were the winners here!) It's a pretty outstanding experience, you jam-pack a bunch of research into your brain, organise it best you can, come up with some funny jabs and have at 'er. Getting to verbally spar with your fellow geeks and nerds is ridiculously entertaining and often times frustrating, but in the end it's just FUN!

Being an audience member at West Coast GvN is an equally satisfying experience, getting to be witness the hilarity happening on stage, cheering good lines, jeering the bad. There aren't many places where you're encouraged to be a bit ridiculous, but you sure are when you're at GvN!

Then there are the prizes! What?! I didn't mention the prizes?! Well, if you dress up for any of the shows you can enter the costume contest and win a prize pack o' goodies that are often themed for the event. Then there's a good ol' fashioned ticket prize, that's right your entrance into the debate also gives you a chance to win fabulous prizes!

We're almost done, but I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to MooMan, Chris is both host and moderator. He introduces the debates with info about both characters spun in his own wonderfully funny way. He also makes sure the debaters stay on topic and don't get too out of hand, that's why he carries a nerf gun folks, and he's not afraid to use it. Although I don't know how much good it did him during 'Femaggedon' when he had a night of female-only debates, that was one uncomfortable looking dude.

There's also an amazeballs group of folks that work behind the scenes to put on the debates. Seriously, these people are amazing. And although I only know a subset of them, I can only assume that their involvement in GvN demonstrates their general awesomeness.

The debates with West Coast Geek versus Nerds don't start up again until September, but in the mean time there are a few events coming up around the city geared to get us geeks out of our basements and socialising IRL, so check them out on Facebook, or Twitter, or on their website. Seriously people, we live in 2013, it's not hard to find these things! See you in September, I'll be there and I'll be cheering loudly, how about you?!

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